Blancpain GT Asia Rds 5&6. Suzuka, Japan

After an intense exam-period in Manchester and an even a more so Audi Cup weekend in Japan, I finally had a chance to visit home in Estonia. Just over a week, and it went quickly indeed. Training, catching up with friends and family, visiting my high-school, watching 24h of Le Mans… I barely unpacked and off I was back to Japan – for the 3rd time in my life. Arriving back at the legendary Suzuka Circuit, it was such a great relief to see my car in shape. It hadn’t been an easy few weeks for the #18 Audi: the big crash in Thailand that required a complete rebuild, then the struggles getting it fixed two weeks ago, and as if that wasn’t enough of a challenge- contact from the back in Race 3 of

Audi R8 LMS Cup. Rounds 3 & 4. Suzuka, Japan.

An incredibly tough weekend that showed resilience of the whole team as well as our ability to bounce back from the most difficult situations. As you may know, my car suffered in a serious crash in Thailand. Therefore, it was sent to Japan to be completely rebuilt before the Audi cup weekend. And by complete, I mean the whole deal – the engine, the chassis, the gearbox. Usually such process takes over 48 hours. The KCMG mechanics arrived there on Monday evening. Quite worringly, the cars didn’t arrive until Thursday morning – the day before Free Practices on Friday morning. The team, together with Audi engineers and experts faced a virtually impossible task. They had under 24h until FP1 and

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